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About Julian Armstrong

Julian, an accomplished artist, crafts a diverse range of unique products that consistently capture viral attention online. Notably, he played a pivotal role in transforming rug making into a global hobby in 2020. Julian broke the secrecy surrounding rug-making with a tufting machine, unveiling the craft to millions of people. Simultaneously, he founded a second business called iMakeRugs, which serves as a one-stop-shop for all the things you need to start making your own rugs. His impact is not just in the art but in breaking down barriers, challenging secrecy, and leaving a lasting mark as a rising artist who continues to awe people worldwide.  


Julian boasts collaborations with major players in the industry. Here are just a few of the notable brands he's partnered with 


Multidisciplinary Artist 

Working with Textiles

Julian's journey through fabric factories spans years of innovation and growth. His portfolio brims with an array of cool products, from plushies, keychains to pencil cases, coin bags, to even shoes and beyond. With each creation, he pushes the boundaries of creativity and style. 


Making Collectible Art

From crafting custom action figures to molding resin sculptures and vinyl collectible figures, Julian is a master of his craft. His creations go beyond typical collectibles; they are genuine art pieces that elevate the world of toy figures to a whole new level of cool and creativity. 



Creating Statement Pieces

Julian's latest venture into the realm of crafting unique and distinctive wallets is nothing short of a revolution. His ideas are redefining the overlooked, transforming wallets into more than just accessories – they're statements that break the boundaries of conventional design. Get ready, because the way we see wallets is about to change. 



Author and Illustrator

In 2023, Julian Armstrong, along with his wife Samantha Armstrong, embarked on a creative journey, self-publishing their inaugural children's book. A side-splitting Christmas tale designed for kids, this project showcases Julian's artistic brilliance through every whimsical illustration. The narrative, a dynamic collaboration between Julian and Samantha, ensures that this book isn't just a story – it's a minimalistic fusion of art and heart, bringing laughter and joy to young readers everywhere.